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Porcelain Veneers in Leland, NC

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Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are used to cover chipped, stained or misaligned teeth in Leland, NC. The thin layers of the veneer material adhere to natural tooth enamel to create a strong, long-lasting bond. Veneers work best for people who wish to correct minor imperfections in their smile in Leland, NC.

The procedure for attaching veneers to the exterior of the teeth is non-invasive. The results are immediately visible. Once the veneers are adhered to your teeth, they will be able to perform all the teeth’s natural functions without any dietary restrictions or long recovery periods. Since veneers can last for many years, there is no need for constant replacement and maintenance, other than normal oral hygiene and dental exams and cleanings at BlueWave Dentistry. Veneers can help you achieve the bright, healthy smile that you’ve always wanted!

Benefit of Veneers

Porcelain Veneers in Leland, NC

About the Procedure

Porcelain laminate veneers consist of several thin ceramic layers, which replace original tooth enamel. To apply a veneer, a very thin layer of the natural tooth enamel has to be removed. This space creates room for the veneer, so it will not appear bulky. It will also restore the function to the tooth. A light-sensitive resin is applied between the layers and then hardened, using a special curing light. This creates a strong bond between the natural tooth and the veneer.

Minimal Veneers in Leland, NC

Minimal or “No-Prep” Veneers

Some patients are looking for an alternative to traditional dental veneers or bonding. BlueWave Dentistry offers no-prep or minimal veneers in Leland, NC, but they are not an option for every patient. Similar to traditional veneers, “no-prep” or minimal preparation veneers typically don’t require your dentist to remove as much tooth material and are bonded to the front surface of your teeth. The placement is often a faster procedure and patients report less discomfort than with traditional veneers. Ask your dentist in Leland, NC at BlueWave Dentistry if “no-prep” or minimal prep veneers are an option for you!

Porcelain Veneers in Leland, NC

Composite Veneers

BlueWave Dentistry prides itself on providing a comprehensive range of dental solutions tailored to individual needs, including the option of Composite Veneers as a compelling alternative to Porcelain and Ceramic Veneers. These veneers offer a more affordable yet equally effective solution to enhance smiles, allowing patients to achieve remarkable aesthetic improvements. Unlike Porcelain and Ceramic Veneers, Composite Veneers are directly applied and sculpted onto the teeth, requiring minimal enamel removal, thus preserving the natural tooth structure. With a focus on durability, aesthetics, and personalized care, BlueWave Dentistry ensures that patients receive quality Composite Veneers that blend seamlessly with their natural teeth, providing a radiant and confident smile.

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