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Fillings & Bonding in Leland, NC

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White Composite Fillings

A composite filling is the restoration procedure of choice for treating a tooth with tooth decay. A composite is a tooth-colored filling in Leland, NC that is made of ceramic and plastic compounds. These fillings mimic the appearance of natural teeth and are preferred by many patients and dental professionals. BlueWave Dentistry offers tooth-colored fillings that look natural in your mouth. They can replace the metallic look of silver fillings in Leland, NC. The unique mixture of materials used in composite fillings provides supreme bonding, requires less preparation, and preserves tooth structure.

Dental Bonding in Leland, NC

Dental Bonding

We offer tooth-colored bonding at BlueWave Dentistry that can be used to restore broken, chipped, or stained teeth in Leland, NC. The resin material reshapes the tooth and closes spaces between teeth created by gaps or chips in the tooth enamel. Each bonded area is carefully matched so that it blends in with the surrounding enamel. Bonding may also be placed over areas of gum recession, to prevent severe sensitivity in those areas.

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