Are you looking for a tooth replacement solution? There are tons of options on the market, but they aren’t all equal.

Dental implants are the best solution to missing or damaged teeth.

The benefits that dental implants provide far exceed the benefits of other options. You get the convenience, confidence, and functionality of your natural teeth. But, you don’t have to worry about tooth decay or gaps in your smile.

Wondering if dental implants are right for you? Not sure if you’re even eligible? Keep reading to find out all the benefits of dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a tooth replacement tool that replicates the look and function of your original teeth.

A titanium root gets drilled into the jaw bone. This is a common procedure for other dental treatments like crowns and bridges.

The tooth implant is then screwed into the titanium root. Through professional sizing and fitting, implants look and feel like the other teeth.

Who Are Dental Implants For?

There are a couple of reasons that people need dental implants. They might be missing teeth or know that they will lose their teeth shortly.

You might suffer from decaying teeth or have a tooth with cracks and damage. These conditions can cause pain, disease, and discomfort. Having the teeth or tooth removed is often the safest option.

While you could opt for dentures, dental implants are the longer-lasting solution.

Your dentist can tell you if you’re eligible for dental implants. In rare cases, patients without enough jaw bone density aren’t eligible.

6 Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Of all the tooth replacement options, dental implants have the most benefits. They are the most technologically advanced solution and most successful. Here are the top six benefits.

1. They Prevent Gum Disease

Did you lose a tooth but never bothered to replace it? Gaps in the gum line and holes where a tooth once was are vulnerable to disease.

Bacteria from your food gets trapped in those gaps. When bacteria isn’t cleaned out, it turns into plaque and causes decay. The teeth around your gap might be developing tooth decay as a result of leaving it empty.

Tooth decay nurtures the development of gum disease. This disease can be painful, irritating, and result in more teeth falling out. It can also cause a loss of jaw bone density and soft tissue.

When you get a dental implant in place of the missing tooth, you reduce the hiding spots for bacteria. An implant that fits snuggly against the other teeth can prevent decay.

2. They Look Natural

Other tooth replacement solutions don’t always look the most natural. Dentures especially don’t look natural when you take them out or put them in.

Dental implants get customized to look like your other teeth.

When your implants are the right fit, you don’t even notice them. Dentures and other removable dental aids cause constant stress in the back of your mind. If their fit isn’t perfect, you’ll worry about them falling out.

As long as you take care of dental implants, no one will know that they aren’t your real teeth. You can smile, talk, and eat without feeling self-conscious. You can even brush and floss the implants like your natural teeth.

3. They Maintain Facial Structure

When a tooth is missing from your jaw bone, the weight your jaw is accustomed to carrying decreases. Over time, the bone density decreases and deteriorates.

This can cause major changes to your facial structure. You might notice sagging around the jawline and a decrease in the size of your jawbone.

By replacing the missing tooth immediately, your bone density doesn’t suffer. The other teeth around the gap get stabilized by the implant. Without it, the other teeth can become wiggly and fall out.

Dental implants ensure you don’t have to experience any facial structure changes.

4. They Make it Easy to Chew

When your dental implants get fitted, they’re leveled against the surrounding teeth. This way, when you chew, it doesn’t feel like your implant is sticking out. Your bite feels balanced and even.

For people who have tried to eat while missing a tooth or using another replacement option, it’s hard. You aren’t able to enjoy your meal because chewing is distracting and uncomfortable.

With dental implants, you can focus on the dinner table conversation. Not what’s going on in your mouth.

5. They’re Durable

Dentures need replacing every few years. Sometimes they need to be re-fitted because the structure of the mouth changes.

Dental implants usually last up to 15 years or more. This is because they’re more durable than dentures and other options.

You can easily break and damage dentures when you take them out. They might accidentally get stepped on or dropped. Implants remain in your mouth so there’s little risk of damaging them.

The visible part of dental implants is a ceramic or porcelain material. Both are very durable and resistant to tooth decay. The titanium below the gums is also decay resistant.

6. They’re Easy to Maintain

The maintenance for dental implants is much easier than dentures. You simply brush them as you do your natural teeth. Also, floss between them to remove bacteria.

Dentures need to be soaked overnight in a solution and brushed with a toothbrush. Plus, they need to air dry before getting put into their case. They’re a high-maintenance solution.

Implants are convenient and easy to take care of.

Dentists often recommend using a soft-bristled brush to avoid scratching the implants. Make sure you also use a toothpaste that isn’t abrasive. You can also get implant-specific dental floss if your dentist recommends it.

Ready to Start Reaping the Benefits of Dental Implants?

You can change your life by getting dental implants. Not only do they restore your confidence when smiling, but you can eat naturally again.

The benefits of dental implants above prove that this is a successful solution to missing teeth.

Ready to start the process of getting dental implants? BlueWave Dentistry is ready when you are. We provide modern and compassionate dental services so all our patients can smile proudly.