Did you know that over 26% of adults in the US have untreated tooth decay? Untreated tooth decay can lead to cracked and damaged teeth, and eventually, you can lose your teeth.

Dental crowns can save your teeth and restore your smile. If your teeth need help and you’re ready to get a dental crown from your Wilmington, NC Dentist, you might feel nervous about the procedure.

The good news is you can settle your nerves by learning exactly what to expect. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Dental Crown Procedure

If your dentist has Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) technology available, you can have a permanent crown created and fitted in just one visit. CEREC is a system that uses computer-aided design and manufacturing to design and construct materials for dental restorations.

Your dentist will evaluate how much healthy tooth structure you have left to see if CEREC technology suits your situation. Otherwise, you will need two separate visits to your dentist’s office to complete the procedure.

The steps for a dental crown procedure include:

Preparing Your Tooth

For both CEREC crowns and traditional crown placement, the first step of the dental crown procedure involves preparing your tooth for a crown. Before the procedure, your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area around your tooth.

Your tooth is then reshaped along the surface to allow room for the crown. If you have extensive decay or damage to your tooth, your dentist will build up your tooth with filling material.

Next, you’ll have a digital scan or a mold done to make impressions of your tooth. Impressions of the teeth above or below the tooth receiving the crown are also made to ensure the dental crown won’t impact your bite. 

Crown Placement

If you’re not getting a CEREC crown, you’ll have a temporary crown placed once your tooth is ready. Your dentist will send the impressions of your tooth to a lab so they can build your permanent crown. Within two weeks, you’ll return to your dentist again to have it put into place.

For CEREC dental crowns, the digital scan of your tooth is used to design a model, and a milling machine will create your crown from a solid block of material. Your crown can then be fitted and cemented onto your tooth during one visit to your dentist’s office

Recovery Process

After a dental crown placement, the recovery period is quick, taking only a few days. You might notice some inflammation or sensitivity to your tooth right after the procedure that typically resolves within a week.

You can try warm water salt rinses twice a day to reduce any inflammation or swelling of the gums. For the first 24 hours, brush your teeth gently and avoid eating hard or sticky foods. 

See Your Wilmington, NC Dentist Today

Now you know more about what to expect during a dental crown placement at your Wilmington, NC, dentist; you’ll feel much more comfortable during the procedure. 

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