It’s no secret that to ensure your oral health remains in tip-top shape you need to visit the Leland, NC dentist. The real question however is what to do before seeing the dentist?

We’ve made things easy for you and created a guide that lists everything you should do when preparing for a visit to the dentist. Trust us, your dentist will thank you for taking the time to prepare your teeth before coming to see them.

Read on now. 

1. Brush Your Teeth

Even if you’re going to your dentist for a routine visit it’s best to brush your teeth beforehand. This will free your mouth of any food that was stuck between your teeth and your dentist will appreciate your fresh breath.

Another reason to brush daily and before seeing your dentist is to remove plaque from your teeth that might have built up over time.

You should also floss your teeth in case you missed any leftover residue. Remember not to overdo it with the brushing and don’t brush too hard.

When you brush your teeth and gums too hard you can cause some irritation that results in swollen and sometimes bleeding gums.

2. Don’t Eat Before You Go

It’s best if you resist the temptation to eat before heading over to the dentist. When you eat before visiting the dentist the food gets stuck in your teeth and the odor may linger for hours after.

Think about it if you have an unpleasant odor in your mouth, but your dentist doesn’t know you ate a tuna fish sandwich they may assume you have some sort of oral infection. You can always eat after you’ve seen your dentist and had your teeth and gums looked over.

3. Confirm Your Appointment

It’s happened to us all at some point or another. We get ready for a dentist appointment only to realize we didn’t confirm it.

When you arrive at the dental office they have no record showing your appointment was supposed to take place that day. The good thing is most dental offices and offices, in general, will give you a call or send an electronic form notifying you of your upcoming appointment.

Typically, these notifications will request you give the office a call if modifications to your appointment need to be made.

4. Call and Ask for Specifics

If you’re going to the dentist for something other than a routine cleaning you need to gather all the details you possibly can. For example, if you’re going for oral surgery it’s best to ask if you need to bring someone along to drive you home after you’ve left the dentist.

Your dentist should’ve sent you information regarding your procedure beforehand, but it’s always good to check to ensure you’ve not missed anything.

Things to Do Before Visiting the Leland, NC Dentist

Before heading over to see your Leland, NC dentist there are some things you should do in advance. Don’t forget to brush your teeth and if possible don’t eat before your appointment.

Now that you know everything you shouldn’t do the only thing left is to book an appointment with BlueWave Dentistry today.