Did you know that approximately 40% of adults in America are affected by periodontal disease? Otherwise known as gum disease, this oral condition can cause pain, tooth loss, and infection. 

A few ways to mitigate gum disease risks and other oral health problems are through regular at-home oral hygiene and routine dental exams. If you want to find a dentist in Wilmington NC, for the entire family, we have you covered. 

In our complete guide, we will go over our top three tips on researching and finding Wilmington dentists you can trust, so keep reading on for more information!

1. Check Online Reviews

One of the best ways to find dentists in Wilmington NC is to check online reviews and see what other patients say. Patient reviews give you insight into wait times, communication with staff, and the general atmosphere. General dentists often treat many types of patients, from young adults looking for braces to restorative dental care for elderly parents. 

You want a dentist that works well with all ages. If you are still unsure, you can also ask family and friends for referrals! Reviews can also give you hints at costs and insurance coverage.

For example, average dental implant costs are $4,800 per tooth. This isn’t the only in-depth dental procedure that is costly and time-intensive. Before paying out-of-pocket costs, it helps to read past client experiences regarding payments, coverage, and installment plans. 

2. Ask About Credentials and Experience

Dentists must complete specialized schooling and pass national exams to receive their credentials. Experience also goes a long way when choosing the best dentist in Wilmington NC. You should find experience and licensure on a dental clinic’s website, but don’t hesitate to call the clinic and ask about the professionals employed. 

3. Review Services

Ultimately, general dentistry should cover many oral health services, such as:

  • Routine dental exams and cleanings
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Implants 
  • Cosmetics
  • Extractions
  • Crowns 
  • And more

Another key point to look for is the technology used in the dental clinic. Modern dentistry includes highly advanced lasers, intraoral imaging, digital radiography, and 3D imaging. In addition to offering vast services, ensure you ask about the dentists’ experience, training, and qualifications using up-to-date technology. 

While it might not play a significant role in routine dental cleanings, it can pay dividends when you need extensive dental work by a Wilmington dentist.

An NC dentist specializing in teeth whitening ensures you have a one-stop for all your dental needs. Additionally, since the pandemic, there has been a 47% increase in professional teeth whitening and straightening kits. 

Find a Dentist in Wilmington NC

Finding a dentist in Wilmington NC is easier when you know what services, experience, and technology to look for. Ultimately, you want an inviting, experienced, and highly communicative dental clinic. 

It helps to find one close to your home that fits all your family’s dental needs. At Blue Wave Dentistry, we offer close-to-home NC dentists who use the latest advancements in dental technology. Get started with your next dental appointment by giving us a call today!